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February 24, 2011

In jurul nostru e un intreg univers insesizabil pentru ochiul uman. Insesizabil pentru urechea umana. La fel de insesizabil pentru oricare dintre cele 5 simturi care ne ghideaza prin haosul de particule si forte, care ne creeaza o conventie cat de cat stabila prin care putem intelege cat de cat lumea care ne-nconjoara.

Mario Oprean da viata acestui concept folosind ustensilele, informatiile si conexiunile de care dispune. Creeaza o conventie prin care sa putem, nu intelege, dar intui zgomotul constant provocat de undele care ne traverseaza creierul chiar in momentul asta.

Exploreaza creativ momentul in care putem afirma cat de cat ca suntem una cu universul, momentul in care suntem pe aceeasi frecventa cu viata.

Pentru mai multe informatii stiintifice care sa imbrace acest concept cititi textul care insoteste filmul:

The human brain is often compared with a wondrous and complex organic computer that governs every motion of our bodies. Within the brain there is a virtual storm of electrical, magnetic, and chemical activity which is composed of many different frequencies of rhythmic and non-rhythmic waves and ranges recorded using electroencephalography.
One of this ranges called the alpha-theta border is a state where the central nervous system reduces input from the peripheral nervous system. The lowering of sensory input serves to normally protect the central nervous system from sensory overload caused by stress or physical damage. Without these outside functions for the brain to control the brain expands its functioning powers. The normally unused portion of the brain becomes active and performs at maximum capacity. This range is between 7-8 hertz and this is not so surprising when you learn that the resonant frequency of the earth and ionosphere is approximately 7.5 hertz. The mind experences the body in a half-in half-out state of sleep or detachment. The feeling is of being concious of all things around you but the body being in deep relaxation.

Mario Oprean este student la sectia Foto-video la UNARTE.

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