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Visible – Invisible

December 10, 2012

Contact improvisation workshop
cu Alexandra Soshnicova & Serghei Golovnea, Moldova


This workshop is built on the experience, practices, researches and discoveries that happened to us in the process and as a result of co-existence in dancing with each other…

What makes our dance visible? How something inside gives the birth to something outside and vice versa?
- how much is the partner ready to offer, accept, change the position and the situation in the creation of the dance
- is there an ability to enjoy and to control the game of different levels of nearness (horizontal and vertical)?
- on feeling of the spatial and temporal states?
- on our own listening and the development of own movement?
These are only a few questions…

During workshop we will try to find our own level of nearness to the answers…
Or maybe… will find totally new answers, surprising discoveries, which are personal for everybody.

Class will include work with improvisational structures that will allow you to get and secure in the dance the feeling of the game with horizontal and vertical levels of intimacy with a partner and space, as well as free transfer of the internal state into the external and vice versa.

The depth comes from the ease.
We are observers and being observed, will learn to offer, to accept or change the proposal to partner.
We will create a dance of memory of our own body in the present moment.

Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnya (Moldova)
Cooperation between Alexandra and Sergei started in 1997, in a modern dance group “Voices”, under the direction of Angela Doniy. They became a duet 2000. Since then they dance, improvise, teach, make choreography together. They take part in international projects and performances and travel.
Together they organize international projects and festivals in Moldova. They organized 6 international festivals: “Impulse to grow” in 2000, “Traditions and modernity” in 2001, “Phenomenon of relations” and “Gender and cultural Identity in dance” in April and September 2003, 5th international festival “Interaction” in 2006, “Children and adults, points of intersection” in 2009.
Teaching geography: Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Israel, Estonia, Russia, Latvia.
There are weekly jams on contact improvisation, continuous series of master classes and evenings of contemporary dance choreography In Moldova under the S/G lidership
They are also the leaders of contemporary and folk dance school “Fantezia” in Chisinau, choreographers and dancers of contemporary dance and performance group “Voices”.

Contact improvisation (CI) este o formă de dans care a apărut în anii ’70. Dansul prin contact presupune conștientizarea și lucrul cu propria greutate dar și cu greutatea partenerului. CI presupune atenție asupra timpului prezent. Nu avem pași de învățat, dar suntem invitați să reevaluăm mișcări ale corpului demult învățate: mersul, aplecarea, cum ne așezăm, cum ne ridicăm. Prin aceste exerciții descoperim de fapt mișcări noi: de suspendare, zbor, alunecare, rulare. Ieșirea din tiparul posturii bipede crează reacții la nivel fizic și psihic. În CI învățăm cum să explorăm aceste reacții fără nici o așteptare sau dorință de control.
mai multe despre CI aici:

!! Sunt bineveniti si cei care nu au mai facut sau auzit de CI. Iar fostii participanti vor avea ocazia sa puna in practica si sa dezvolte ce au descoperit la workshop-urile anterioare.

va asteptam cu drag!


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