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The Fresh 2011

December 13, 2010

Super Vixens cu Herbaliser
31 decembrie, ora 22:00, Palatul Ghika

Every New Year is a fresh new start!
So all you groovy cats better get your asses down to The Fresh 2011 Supervixens.
We groove in style, so the NYE Venue for this year is Ghika Palace, where the waxed floors will be waiting for you to get on down.

Flying in from abroad just to fire up your dance floor, we have the funky duo, The Herbaliser (Jake Wherry & Ollie Teeba – Dj Set) and one of the fathers of Detroit House, Terrence Parker.

For the rest of the night we’re gonna be listening to our very own :
Bailele Compadre

Ticket price: 270 lei

What you get for your money is:
All you can eat
All you can drink

For extra details check out or call 0740.250.360

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It don’t get no cooler than this!

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