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E.V.P. Wildthings Rec UK

February 11, 2013


Dragi fluturași liberi, fluturași în devenire, fluturași în stomac,
vă invitam la dans, acolo unde este spatiu, iar timpul o ia razna. Vechea perceptie asupra realității se clătină pentru omidă și tocmai atunci când crezu că lumea s-a sfârșit…..

E.V.P. live!!!!!
un party pentru îndrăgostiții de viață
veniti sa celebrăm  (((♥)))


♫ E.V.P. ♪ ( Wildthings Records, UK • liveact)

♫ LATAM ♪ (Thrancians, RO • Dj set)

♫ DARKOLOGY ♪ (MfG Tribe, RO • Dj set)

♫ BARBALEKU ♪ (Antiscarp Records, RO • Dj set)

♫ PLANUL ♪ (Amagama, RO • minimal dark )

E.V.P. revine în Romania după aproape 6 ani când ne-a cucerit cu muzica sa la ediția legendară Transylvania Calling 2007. Acum ne va încânta cu un liveact inspirat chiar de prezența noastră. Noul său album lansat în August 2012 se numește ‘Neuroplasticity’ by E.V.P. (WildCD017). Iată o scurtă introducere pe care ne-o face chiar el :)

E.V.P has been making psychedelic trance music since 1996,After a few years he Qualified as an RSA approved sound engineer, having studied mixing and mastering of rock music along with synthesis and sequencing using an SSL mixing console and also Macintosh with Logic. After that he has been applying these techniques / skills to produce a high quality finish to the music, also focusing on keeping the music comfortable to listen to at very high levels. The style he is producing is an individual, positive sound that has many twisted electronic sounds but still keeps a very groovy feel which always energizes the dance-floor. E.V.P has played a very wide range of parties over the last 5 years; small or large free outdoor parties, small or large club events, squat parties in over 30 countries world wide. His 2nd album ‘Holographic Consciousness’ (WildCD008) wass met with high regard and had earned him many global and international bookings. Following that 2010 has seen the release of 5 tracks on various european label compilations, and the release of his 2nd RealityGrid album ‘Another Reality’ (WildCD011). E.V.P is also a psychedelic artist having produced album art, flyers, and all of the Wildthings promotional material.

DJ LATAM first played music at a party in 2004 in circumstances rather unexpected and unplanned. Back then he was almost entirely dedicated to goa psytrance, listening for some time to this genre, and partially to progressive (either trance or house). After a few years of practice and accumulating enough knowledge about what DJing means, plus encouraged by things going constantly up, he decided to give up all other business and devote himself to music and parties. He started to experiment and gradually go deeper into other sub-genres of electronic music, playing in parallel for a few years psychedelic, trance, techno, electro, house or chillout, in various forms, before deciding to start a new project just for techno, house and electronica and keep Latam just for psytrance.

His style is techy influenced and goa rooted and can vary depending on the party profile, audience, location, line-up and hour between a more psychedelic sound and a more atmospheric or progressive one. However, regardless of all the aspects, his sets have groove and deepness, are hypnotic and energetic. He appreciates DJs and producers who prove originality, innovate and have the courage to experiment, who change themselves and influence the others.

DARKOLOGY project came as concept two years ago, somewhere around 2008, when Alin first meet Psychedelic and Goa sounds, artists like Astral Projection, 1200 Mics and Goa Gil, after that, began a period in which time he assimilate the genere, around september 2009 this project started to get shape with ‘Mushrooms from Gaia’ events from Stamba Cafe and Suburbia clubs in Bucharest and ‘Return to GOA Festival’, from this point things started to get together as a whole.
Darkology is just a part of the activity that the artist is doing on Sounds Realm, that of DJ’ing, in background, he is also working as producer in Psychedelic – Goa area, this will get he’s love to music on the next level of development, he’s project name as producer is ‘Saranankara’.

BARBALEKU started mixing in 2002 in friends’s houses and has gone public with his skills in 2007. He is known and loved for his different style, ususally the hyper-positive area of freestyle psychedelic trance / suomisaundi / funkedelic trance / tech-trance /comedy. He’s been present at every important psy-events in Romania, but has also been invited to play in countries like Finland, Canada, Bulgaria, Hungary.

PLANUL began his practice around the year 2010. Old, new, analog, digital, Planul keeps alive the psychedelic vibrations in the positive way using high technologies to open mind’s third eye. Beyond the happy and friendly energy, Planul is fully charged with beautifull experiences in gigs, radio shows and festivals all over Romania.

LOCATION: friendly and >>>> new<<< Space Club
Str. Academiei 35-37, Bucharest, Romania

RAVEN CREW~decoteam
SOUND: system upgrade @ Space
EnergySnack*SandwichBar , official Afterhours tba

ENTRY FEE: 25  ( îndrăgostiții au reducere la intrare.. dovada, bineînteles, un sărut :)
~~~ mai multe surprize pentru îndrăgostiți tba / stay tuned

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